Value-added Service

We know that to start or maintain a corporate or business is not simple, SSC professional team with years of experience will helps client to customize the solution plan. Our value-added services show that we are concern about client’s business, and full package of services provided to save time and manpower, and less frustration. It strengthen the superiority of client and prepare for efficient future.

Crypto Digital Assets

Provide client an open and traceable network platform, maintained by every network users, and safeguard interests of owners from damage. Online wealth sharing among the platform.

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Wechat Marketing

We helps client maintain the Wechat after developed the platform. Services include of Wechat marketing, Weibo marketing, SEO, Baidu promotion, network article, network public relations, etc.

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Operations Assistance

Our experienced team familiar with the company operations, we would assist client to do overseas company registration, networks, payment system, credit card, new industry development, etc.

Public Relations

Public relations is an important role for a successful corporate, it provide solutions for special tasks, rumors, and crisis. We provide the services of MLM business registration and relationship, crisis management, government public relations, overseas BVI listing structure, etc.