Crypto Digital Assets

Encryption of digital assets is based on a publicly available Internet Protocol rules, the purpose of this agreement is to create an Internet maintained by Internet users, inexhaustible, and can protect the interests of owners of Internet wealth system is not compromised.

Cost are lower as a medium of Exchange transaction costs are lower.

It took decentralized peer to peer network, and independent confirmation by network user, without third party involve.

Safer, transparent, secure.

Its encryption algorithm, hacker can't crack it. Easier to track, and all the transactions are publicly archived on the network, it can effectively prevent illegal activities. Automatic authentication mechanism also makes it impossible for it to be forged.

Limited supply, no inflation risk.

System designed similar as supply of gold, with limited quantity, to protect against inflation caused by Central Bank to junk.

Value increased to offset overhead costs

Encrypted digital asset's value increase bonus/dividend to be replaced by Crypto Currency could reduce company's costs and improved company's profitability.

More convenient

Can be used as cash, whereby language, place and time no longer an issue.