Technology Research and Development

Super Success Consultancy develop a series of software or platform based on the trend and potential demand to fulfil the market needs. The software or platform will help our client deliver the product’s info or message to the public effectively.

Customized Company Plan

SSC team has over ten years of experience in management, operation and marketing, will customized the business plan according to customers’ products and business model. It includes of multi-level, binary, rebate, matrix, pyramid, etc. SSC uphold stabilization and innovation concept to have creative and wow factor for client.

MEMOCS Website

To build most versatile and complete online marketing platform for client. To increase the marketing effect and profitability with MEMOCS features: Auto response system, analytic report, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, etc.

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SoLoMo App

SoLoMo App able to integrate all web features together, an ideal solution for client to build brand loyalty and to get more loyal members. Additional features like push notification, social group, GPS function, and mobile coupons to keep track and communicate with customers.

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Server Setup

A completed server can help a company operate with effectiveness. We provide services as server leasing, systems bug fixes, system services optimization, environment deployment, security configuration, firewalls, data backup, system monitoring, E-mail alerts, etc.

SMS System

In marketing platform, Short Message Service is a powerful tools that could boost the revenue and it could communicate between corporate and customer. We provide clients the messaging interface application, SMS blasting, group blasting, content templates, top-up and verification code message.

MLM System

We are specialists in the MLM system, the system provided back end and front end facilities for client:
Front End: member management, bonus management, financial management and customer service.
Back End: member centre, business centre, information centre, product management, feedback centre, financial centre and system setting.

Pay System

Our payment solution provides the advantages as: support 31 banks payment gateway; Lowest rate in the network, and decrease according to volume; 7/24 automatic transaction; Transferable to members as bonus, low rate and enhance work efficiency; T+0 calculation module, funds credited real time.

Wechat System

Wechat user has reached 500 million and increasing, a lot of business or savvy marketers are using Wechat as business or marketing platform. Wechat able to deliver the information or message easily and quickly, it becomes a powerful marketing tools for promoting business. Wechat has the infinity opportunities to build and growth the potential business.

We will provide the services as product planning, account application, interface application, build up functions, member management, services formulation, Wechat verification, material design, advanced interface and so on.