Security Maintenance

With the rapid development of information technology, corporate should aware of the network security. To have a safer and quality network environment is highly recommended. We are providing stable and safe network system to client, to create a secure business environment.

Server Security Configuration

Control accessibility of server to protect confidential information and avoid from leakage.

Firewall Software

Advanced firewall software prevent unauthorized network user from accessing gateway server.

Firewall Hardware

Firewall hardware to enhance the server network protection.


Protected from DDOS attack, helps legal user to retrieve the website authority.


Avoid from various ICMP invade into internet protocol, to ensure normal operation of the hosting.

Anti UDP Traffic

Avoid from UDP flood network attack.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

Data replication to off-site online backup or clouds, to secure client’s data.

Mobile Security

Provide a secure communication platform between client and mobile users.

Security Device U

Security Device U is a user protection technology, its function enhance the account user security.

Anti CC

Prevent the CC attack to the website, enhance hosting’s function effectiveness.

Categorize Authority

Setup system control accessibility, avoid from users illegal obtain the data for improper activities.

SSL Certify

Data transfer encrypted, enhance the security of e-commerce or online business.