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Crypto Currency

Why choose Crypto Currency?

Encryption of digital assets is based on a publicly available Internet Protocol rules, the purpose of this agreement is to create an Internet maintained by Internet users, inexhaustible, and can protect the interests of owners of Internet wealth system is not compromised.

Memocs Website

You will not only have a website,
but also tons of online marketing platforms in your website.

Solomo App

What is Solomo App? How it can help your business?

SoLoMo APP helps to get more customers, more recommendations/referral and sales. It can integrated all online marketing platforms together.

We provide you with application management platform, without programming knowledge required to manage it via online. We also provide a "login preference system" designed to build better for branding and to get more loyal customers.

WeChat Marketing

Why choose WeChat Marketing?

1. Ranking No1 in top 100 apps in China market.
2. WeChat's features are more than you can imaginable.