Memocs Website

You will not only have a website
but also tons of online marketing platforms in your website.

Auto response system

This system similar as you have more than one "sales personel", they work 24 hours a day in sales, they helps on sales, follow up with clients and provide customer service. Your "sales personel" will not complain on overworked, and these "sales personel" cost you nothing.

Web analytics report

The system will be constantly updated with latest data, you can refer to all relevant site analysis reports, to decide how to appropriately adjust and optimize your marketing plan, to reduce costs, and improve profitability.

SEO friendly

If this handled well, just a matter of time, you are allow to upgraded in search engine optimization to increase exposure, specific keywords to increase the site's visibility. From there you'll have more customers and higher ranking in SEO.

Mobile platform friendly

Improved visual effects on all mobile platform, more convenience to browse your website and easier to find the Information that your customer needed.